International Center for Multiscale Characterization

Advancing Materials Performance by Understanding Multiscale Phenomena


Do you have critical materials-related problems? Then you need advanced instrumental capabilities coupled with deep scientific understanding to arrive at relevant solutions. The International Center for Multiscale Characterization (ICMC) can help. We focus on critical issues in materials science while advancing the state-of-the-art in multiscale characterization. Of special interest are materials for photovoltaic, fuel cell, and ceramic applications, as well as lightweight alloys, composites, and membranes.


Recent decades have seen tremendous advances in imaging of structure—using 3-D tomographic imaging at multiple length scales, as well as high-resolution electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopies at the atomic scale. Also, better understanding of properties has been gained by in-situ surface science tools and 3-D mapping of chemical composition.


But future impact lies in correlating structure and composition with properties and performance. The ICMC, at the forefront of these advances in energy materials, provides access to state-of-the-art multiscale characterization—across some 10 orders of magnitude in length. And these tools, coupled with our deep expertise, are critical to design integration that ranges from materials selection to manufacturing to reliability.


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The bottom line is that our experienced research scientists team with industry partners to solve energy-materials problems by using diverse tools to understand critical phenomena at relevant length scales.


Our materials scientists and device physicists are researchers who collaborate on finding solutions to your materials problems. We do more than simply provide excellent data on your samples. We go much further, working with you to understand the materials science behind the data. And the outcome of this iterative process is improved products and greater value to both you and the end-users.