International Center for Multiscale Characterization



Impact Across Various Applications

Our expertise and capabilities within the International Center for Multiscale Characterization (ICMC) cover essentially all areas of inorganic materials research and some areas of organic materials.


Areas of research include:

  • Energy Storage / Batteries. Multiscale analysis of cycled battery materials and components for improved capacity and lifetime.
  • Structural and Electrochemical Ceramics. Multiscale analysis of oxides and nitrides for tribological applications, fuel cell and gas separation membranes, and the semiconductor industries.
  • Glasses. Multiscale analysis of amorphous oxides for thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Structural Metallic Alloys. Multiscale analysis of processing-related effects and reliability in metallic materials for structural applications.
  • Photovoltaic-Related Materials.  Multiscale analysis of PV devices produces important data on initial cell efficiency as well as cell degradation.
  • Geologic Materials. Geochemical and structural analysis of petrologic material for applications such as reservoir studies for CO2 sequestration, geothermal, and unconventional resources.


Examples of Collaborative Successes




















Geologic Materials / Hydrology / Petroleum Engineering